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About Us


Our founder and CEO, Brant Alexander, grew up in Norman, OK and raised around community pharmacies where he started his journey performing inventories. As he became familiar with the pharmacy landscape, awareness of the profound role that pharmacist play in patient care became evident to him, especially in rural communities where access can be challenging.


This inspiration eventually took Brant on to the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, where he graduated from in 2006. He has his wife, Brittan Alexander, also a graduate of OU College of Pharmacy (2007), and four beloved children: Brayson, Cambryn, Emelyn and Easton. 

After many roles as a pharmacist, Brant finally achieved his dream of owning an independent store: Sooner Pharmacy. Being an independent pharmacy owner has continued to foster his love for meeting the needs of the community. He is extremely proud of his team's dedication to patients and service they provide (which patients constantly remind him how much they love in comparison to the corporate chain pharmacies).


"The pharmacy landscape is changing. The pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are playing an ever increasing role in how we manage our patients. Coming to this realization, I knew we must adapt to the times and find new ways to make patient care better. Fusion Wellness is an ideal, where the healthcare team is joined together as a whole with the patient at the center. I believe with collaborative, patient-centered care, we can drive better outcomes, provide more cost-effective care, and help practitioners navigate this ever-changing and demanding system."

-Brant Alexander, PharmD

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