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Pharmacist-Led Clinical Services

Moving beyond dispensing

Pharmacy has a unique clinical position within the healthcare team of creating additional touchpoints with patients in the outpatient setting. Utilization of these opportunities for care and its coordination with other providers is pivotal for managing chronic conditions and preventing hospitalizations. By taking into account patient goals, health data, and medication management, our team is able to coach patients towards taking charge of their personal health and creating a better quality of life.

Your Goals = Ours

  • Diversify your clinical team

  • Avoid penalties to your clinic

  • Meet your MIPS and maximize incentives

  • Improve quality patient care and engagement

  • Increase revenue 

  • Deliver cost-effective therapeutic outcomes

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Services for You

  • Annual Wellness Visits

  • Chronic Care Management

  • Remote Physiologic Monitoring

  • Behavioral Health Initiative

  • Diabetes Self Management

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Intensive Behavioral Therapy

  • Medication Reconciliation

  • Medication Therapy Management


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